ISB CEO: There is great interest in European Games

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As a broadcasting company, we aimed to organize more than 1000-hour broadcast of the first European Games in Baku, CEO of the International Sports Broadcasting (ISB) Manolo Romero said.


“We aired 600 hours broadcast coverage. I think this figure will be 1100 hours. We transformed more than 800 hours broadcast coverage to world companies. There is a great interest in the European Games. We have achieved the goals of our strategy and more broadcasts than we expected. The main target is Europe. 45 of 50 participating countries are highlighting the games. 100 countries can watch the games. 30 countries allocate 2 hours a day to the games. General opinion on the quality of broadcast is very positive. Broadcasters are satisfied with the image quality of the venues and games. They say that it is a competition at the level of Olympics,” he added.


Romero said that fewer countries are not broadcasting the games: “They are Malta, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. I wish them to broadcast the major sports event as well.”